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There are some travel destinations that are extremely popular. For example, Cancun, Mexico’s beaches are often crowded with tourists who flock to the area to dig their toes in the sand. Do you want to see where everyone else vacations and what the fun is all about? Here are just a few of the most popular travel destinations and what gives them that distinction:

Italy: This is one country that’s on most bucket lists and it’s easy to see why. It’s a beautiful country where you can drink delicious wine, eat amazing food and see breathtaking art and architecture. Don’t miss The Duomo in Siena, and the Accademia Gallery museum, home to Michelangelo’s David. Italy has 20 major grape growing regions, including the islands of Sicily and Sardinia, and more than 2,000 grape varietals, so a little wine tasting is a must. It’s the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church and home to Pope Francis and The Sistine Chapel. Italy is also home to the colorful town of Amalfi and you can explore the winding passages of Positano.

Portugal: What makes Portugal popular is that it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. The country is home to the city of Algarve, known for its many beaches, and the Praia da Marinha, with its crystal clear water. Portugal’s city of Sintra became the first center of European Romantic architecture in Portugal when Ferdinand II turned a ruined monastery into a castle. Speaking of castles, Portugal is home to Castle of the Moors, a hilltop medieval castle, and Lady of the Rock, a popular wedding destination. Lisbon is a popular tourism spot, especially thanks to the São Jorge Castle.

New York City: The Big Apple should be called the Busy Apple and with good reason. Millions of visitors flock to the city to check out the skyscrapers, shop on Fifth Avenue, head to the top of the Empire State Building, tour the Statue of Liberty, and see a Broadway show. There’s so much to see and do in Manhattan that you can be here for weeks and still not get everything in. No matter what your interest, you’ll be sure to find something in New York City to do.

Disney World: You can’t have a conversation about a popular travel destination without talking about the Happiest Place on Earth, Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida. It’s a family-friendly destination that is popular with children of all ages. The rides, shows and restaurants are perfect activities that please everyone. Orlando isn’t just about Mickey Mouse and princesses though. Orlando is also a very popular travel destination on its own, especially with its other amusement parks and I-Drive, an upscale entertainment and dining district. There’s also CityWalk and Universal’s free dining and entertainment district.

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