Steps to a Better River Cruise

River cruising is fast becoming a popular way of cruising, but it’s still pretty new to many travelers who are used to vacationing on bigger ocean liners. So if you’ve finally booked your river cruise, how can you make it the best trip ever?

Location, location, location: When it comes to locations, even though Europe is the leading choice for river cruises, there are also cruising options in Asia, Africa and India as well as in the United States. Fearful about taking a cruise overseas? There are river cruises in the United States. The American Queen rides down the lower and upper Mississippi rivers.

Plan ahead: Your vacation should start with some research. The more you know about river cruises, the better. You’ll know when you find a sale and what activities are available.

Pick the right cruise: Which one is best for you depends on a variety of factors, including budget as well as your personality. You can take a regular river cruise or choose one with a theme on the American Queen Steamboat that focus on music, history, politics, wine and liquors and even Mark Twain.

Say hi: River ships carry fewer passengers and are typically on a smaller boat, compared to luxury cruise liners. Less people mean more of a chance of meeting others who you can enjoy the ride with. Whether you share a dinner, drinks on the deck or an off-the-boat excursion, it all starts with saying hi to your neighbors.

Get off the boat: Yes, you’re on a riverboat excursion, but you’ll really enjoy getting off the boat to explore the towns. You can explore local museums and churches, take culinary classes or enjoy any other activity.

Buy a guidebook: Learn about the places you are visiting and what you can expect at each port. Then, let the guides teach you even more.

Use a travel agent: This is especially important if you are a first-time river boater. A professional travel agent can help you to find the right cruise in your budget, set up your activities and make sure you have all of your tickets and transfers. A travel agent can also help you to book your plane reservations and anything else you might need.

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