Family Beach Day Packing Tips

It’s time for some fun in the sun with the kids, but what should you pack?

Toys: While swimming in the beach or lounging on the sand are fun in their own right, sometimes it’s nice to change things up on your trip to the beach. Bringing toys and activities such as a volleyball, Frisbee, or limbo can help add a new fun element to your beach vacation. While these aren’t essential, they can help to upgrade your beach vacation from a quick swim to a memorable day.

First aid kit: As much fun as the beach can be, accidents can still happen. One of the little ones could get cut on a sharp rock and need some fast bandaging. There’s no harm in making sure you have a first aid kit on you to heal yourself and your loved ones in case something goes awry. Band-Aids, Aloe gel, and rubbing alcohol are some things you might want to consider bringing if you don’t want to bring the entire kit.

Sunscreen, bug spray, etc.: These may seem obvious, but they are also the most overlooked or forgotten things to pack. Sunscreen is essential if you’re spending all day in the sun so as to prevent dangerous sunburns. Bug spray is also a good way to avoid bug bites. Make sure to pack them in a way that they won’t spill. You can do this by packing them in individual baggies.

Road trip essentials: The trip to the beach is just as important as when you are actually at the beach. Arguing or lack of snacks can put a damper on the rest of the vacation. To avoid this, make sure thing to pack drinks and snacks to keep everyone fed, and games for the kids to keep them entertained. You can avoid the dreaded “Are we there yet?” question. Make sure you also have your directions!

Speakers. Another fun way to upgrade your beach vacation is to add some waterproof speakers to your packing list. This can keep the fun going wherever you are, whether you’re playing volleyball or taking a dip in the waters. Having some upbeat tunes playing while you’re all together can help keep the energy up even if you’re all getting tired.

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