When Children Should Start Traveling

travel-specialist-groupYou want to share your love of traveling with your children, but when is the right time to take them on the road or to another country?

Infant to toddler: One benefit to traveling with children at a much younger age is that they will already be more comfortable with flying, being on the road for long stretches of time, or taking cruises. Older children might feel nervous if they haven’t traveled before and it’s their first time. However, it’s important to realize that they might not remember a lot at such a young age, but whatever memories they do keep, they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Child to tween: This time period in a child’s life is also a good time to start traveling with them. It’s likely that they will actually remember the trip. It’s also a nice age where a child can keep themselves entertained on a flight — depending on the child – or in a car. It’s also a good age where you can teach them about their destinations and make the trip a learning experience. This is a nice time to just enjoy a family trip together.

Tween to teenager/young adult: Perhaps a lack of money or time has forced you to wait until your kids become teenagers to travel. That’s okay. This can actually have a lot of benefits since, at this age, teenagers are prepared to handle more responsibility. They can help you to plan the trip and to also pick out things to see or do that are specific to their interests, which will make them even more excited for the trip. If they have their driver’s license and some experience behind the wheel, they also might be able to help lighten the load on the road and take over some of the driving.

If your child is more in the “tween” age, this can still be a great opportunity to teach him  how to manage various parts of trips, such as itineraries, reservations, plane tickets, money for souvenirs and food, etc. Learning from you and their firsthand experiences can help them down the line when it comes time to they plan their own trips.

When should children start traveling? Honestly, any time is the right time. It’s all a matter of planning, picking out kid friendly destinations, making it a fun, learning experience and expecting the unexpected. Because, after all, they are kids.

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