Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

travel specialist groupSome couples want a wedding close to home, while others want to have their special day on an island or a farm far away. These locales might hold a special meaning to the happy couple or they want to take their closest family or friends somewhere unique to celebrate their wedding day. Maybe it’s just a money thing, and with good cause. Earlier this year, The Knot released their findings about the cost of traditional, close-to-home weddings, which was averaging about $30,000. A beautiful destination wedding can cost much less than the $30K price tag.

But should you or shouldn’t you? There are pros and cons of a destination wedding. Let’s break them down so you can make the right decision for you.

Ca-ching! Having a destination wedding can significantly cut the cost of your wedding. How? Well, in most cases, your chosen resort destination will create a combined package of a wedding and honeymoon. Your guests will pay their own way to the location and for their accommodations. Many resorts provide discounts for a wedding party because of the extended stay or because of the amount of rooms you have booked.

Ahhh: Most of the time, destination weddings are an all-in-one inclusive wedding and honeymoon package. The resort offers photographers, music and other components of a wedding. Everything is pretty much taken care of for you, which releases so much of the stress that a traditional wedding can typically cause. The resort destination will also work with your travel agent to take all the details out of your hands and put them into theirs so you can relax and enjoy the day.

Unfortunately there are a few downsides to a destination wedding.

Awww: Not everyone can attend the wedding. They may not be able to afford the travel costs or take off from work to be able to travel. Destinations make for great intimate weddings with several of your closest family and friends, but keep in mind that some friends and family who really wanted to be there might be upset if they cannot attend. This may cause unnecessary friction.

Legalities: Let’s say that you want to get married in Italy. You need specific paperwork that has to be filled out before you get married. Other countries may have other legal requirements that might prevent you from getting married in that country. You may also need to bring specific documents with you, such as a passport or birth certificate. Research your destination ahead of time or ask your travel agent.

The happy couple will be even happier if you work with a travel agent who has experience handling destination weddings.

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