Make the Trip a Learning Experience for Children

Planning a trip with your children can be a fun and memorable experience, but traveling is also a valuable time to learn about history, and other cultures, languages and destinations. Every time Lisa, a mom of three, plans a trip with her children, she makes sure to include a museum where they can learn about the area. She knows the kids are learning while they travel, but the kids just know it’s fun. Here are five tips to turn your ordinary vacation into an unforgettable learning experience.

Get the kids involved: Before you even leave for vacation, get your kids involved in learning about where you are going. Order brochures online or visit the library and borrow or buy guidebooks on the area. There are also books that are written for children, for example, “Kids’ Travel Guide – Italy & Rome: The fun way to discover Italy & Rome–especially for kids.”

Try a scavenger hunt: You can create your own scavenger hunt for your child to keep them entertained and learning about the cities or use a book such as Mission Rome that guides your child through the local landmarks.

Look for museums and tours: Most local museums offer great interactive experiences for children, but keep in mind you may have to sign up ahead of time. There are also walking and bus tours of the area.

Let them pick an activity: Kids get more excited about learning if they are participating in an activity they want to do. Have them look through the books and on the web for something of interest to them. Set some ground rules ahead of time though. An amusement park is fun, but not educational. A visit to a national park or historic home is perfect.

Download apps: Many sites have apps that you, and your child, can download and read about the landmark or city before you go.

Learn the language: Of course you may not be able to learn an entire language before you go, but teaching your kids some fun words may make the trip more exciting. Let your child pick a word a day that they want to learn.

Buy a journal: Help your child to record their travel experiences by buying a travel journal. There are also apps they can use. Put in pictures, add some description and create a souvenir they will treasure forever.

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