Multigenerational Travel Tips

Multigenerational Travel Tips on how to travel with the entire family ( 5 tips.. for kids and grandparents etc )

There is an increase in multigenerational traveling, especially with grandparents vacationing more often with just the grandkids. However, this kind of travel comes with many challenges, including planning activities so everyone is having a good time and finding some down time in very busy schedule.

Here are a few tips to make your multigenerational trip stress-free and chock full of memories.

Make it a family affair: If the kids and grandkids are old enough, include them in on planning the vacation. Of course, the big decisions and the budget is up to you, but let the kids choose one thing they really want to see. This makes sure that everybody has something to look forward to on the trip. At the same time, remember that not every family member will want to participate in every activity. It’s okay to separate at times so that everyone gets a chance to do what they want to do.

Pick perfect housing: Choose the right accommodations that fit the entire family and provide you with exactly what you need. Perhaps the kids need their own rooms or the grandparents need adjoining accommodations. Do you want a hotel room or a vacation rental? If you’re traveling with infants and toddlers a vacation rental might give you more space and less noise than staying in a hotel room.

Ask for discounts: Many destinations provide discounts for seniors as well as group rates for large families, so it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Add in breaks: Have fun, but build in some time for relaxation. If the kids are small, make sure not to overload them and keep going for hours at a time. Include nap times to break up the day and make sure they do not get overloaded. At the same time, do not run the grandparents ragged either, especially by making them babysit all day. The adults and the older children can also benefit from quiet time as well. Taking a breather is also an integral part of a successful vacation.

Have a professional plan your vacation: There are a lot of voices and opinions in a multigenerational vacation and a professional can help you narrow down choices and make selections.

Take pictures: Most importantly, when you get to your destination, take pictures and videos of the vacation that you will never forget.

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